Recording, Rehearsal and Video Production Studios

GFI’s professional recording, rehearsal and video production studios is comprised of a fully equipped studio control room and a rehearsal/production space with a 20’x13’ sound stage, Full PA System with up to eight monitor mixes, in studio backline including: Guitars, Guitar Bass amps, Drums, Congas, and Keyboard options. GFI Studios is capable of accommodating any size musical artist, including small orchestras.

The studio floor contains four professional video cameras (with one or more camera operators), stage light rigs and the associated lighting control console. Recording options include: Large Control room, intimate or large recording studio space. There is a glass window between the control room and the studio floor for direct visual contact.

The studio is a relaxed and comfortable environment which helps instill creativity and inspiration from the artist while their music is being recorded, filmed, and produced by one of the most experienced music engineers in the San Francisco Bay Area. We pride ourselves on a unique production approach and can provide talent development for new Artists and a comfortable working environment for professionals. GFI can take your concept from beginning to completion including Basic Tracking, Overdubbing, Mixing and Mastering.

Please contact Jimmy Goings to schedule studio time or for a list of sound equipment, stage and lighting specs: